I was having dinner when the phone rang. It was F. I liked F. She was different from most girls. She could handle her feelings. She wouldn’t get swayed, at least not much more than a couple of hours. She ate and drank as a guy, yet still composed like a lady. Of course, it didn’t hurt that she was a fine piece of ass. We ended up in bed one night, but we had been drinking for hours, so we just kissed and continued drinking until the crack of dawn.


She had a boyfriend now. She hated it. She didn’t believe in social norms – or so she claimed – and so, detested the whole relationship charade. I took that as mere frustration towards our night together. I embraced the story, as I wanted to fuck her. So we’d discuss morality and all kinds of crap around that. F claimed monogamy was a social creation and it was wrong. She had this study on apes she’d cite that pointed towards that. It was pretty easy to lean her to the convenient conclusion. She had done her fair share of reading, so I only had sharpen the edges


-So, how’s the book coming along?

-It’s all right.

– Got a publisher yet?

-I showed the first part to Jeanie, and she seamed pretty interested. So I guess, yeah.

– And Henry?

– He’s fine. Just got himself a girlfriend on the 3rd floor. A Schnauzer. The owner is fine, too.

– Oh, you.

-What’s on your mind, F? Spit it out.

-I got a friend coming over later. I’d like you to meet her.

-I told you I don’t want a girlfriend, F.

-No, it’s nothing like that.

-Then what is it?

-I’d like you to meet her. I think she could do your writing some good.

-How’s that?

-Well, it’s interesting you see. She gets these weird trains of thought once in a while. She grabs them, and won’t let go. It’s like she turns into fucking Socrates. She can persuade you of anything. And she gets these deep thoughts out of them. Heck, you need to see it.

– Oh. Well…

-She needs a dick, too. So I immediately thought of you. She puts out like a lily in the spring.

-What time is she coming over?


-Fine, I’ll be there at 9. But I…

-Great, see you there.


I hadn’t left the apartment in a couple of days. I took a nap, then put on a clean shirt and a pair of pants and made the walk to F’s. It was a long walk.


I got there a quarter past nine. They were already through half a pint of scotch.


The girl’s name was Lorraine. F was right. She would put out. You could tell. She was a fairly common girl, otherwise. A little fringe, small nose. Slim. Her face was carrying a good year or two of pure partying. The conversation was fairly common, too. The train station must’ve been down for maintenance.


I kept my drinking down as the other two kept pouring it. Lorraine got more flirtatious as the night went on. F got mad about it. She tried hiding it; after all, that is what she wanted. L got closer on the couch; F’s voice tone elevated. I was genuinely having fun. They began to remember the night they had met.

-I think that was my first on campus party.

-I was handing shots with a friend of mine, when I saw a girl with a beer sitting in the corner, just frightened about what was going on. So we get there, and she doesn’t want to do the shot; she has to get up early to study and bla bla bla. 10 seconds later, the whole party is chanting her name. Finally, my friend starts pouring it in her mouth. She takes a huge amount, party’s going crazy. Next thing you know, we’re handing shots together and making out with half the party. And then…

-Oh boy, don’t. – F finished her glass and got up to get another.

-I lose her for a minute. Suddenly, I turn around; she’s topless in a table dancing her ass off. So I finally convince her to come down. We looked for her blouse for a couple of minutes, but no cigar. I convinced her to sleep it off. We’re walking to her dorm and the sky just broke. It’s pouring incisively. You can imagine the scene. Two drunken broads, one topless, soaking wet in the middle of the campus. Luckily, my dorm was nearby.

-I can see were this is going.

-Yeah, you can say that.

-Long story short – F’s voice was coming from behind me – we ended up sharing a shower.

-And a bed.

-And a bed – Admitted F with some shame.

-I didn’t even have to make a move or anything. It just… happened. I was taking a shower and all of a sudden F was there with me.


That turned me on. They kept the conversation going and I would just nod occasionally and smile when Lorraine’s hand would touch my shoulder. But I wasn’t listening. All I could think of, was those two all wet in the shower.


L was getting herself a refill and F was talking about her job when it came out of my mouth.

– We should have sex.

– What?

– You know, sex. You, me and Lorraine.

F started laughing falsely. I couldn’t see Lorraine’s face, but she didn’t say a thing, so I took that as a yes. I stared at F until she stopped.

– You are kidding, right?

– Definitely not. – F was dumbfounded. – Well, think about it. You said L could use the screw, which is why I’m sitting here. You don’t exactly sound upset about the night you two met, and I bet you’ve thought about it more than once. And well, you can say that about you and me as well.


F looked straight through me as the last word slipped off my lips. She swept my body a couple of times. Her eyes tweaked sideways.  I drank my scotch down, got up to the bathroom and stayed there for a couple of minutes. I heard L’s steps as she walked out the kitchen and then some whispering.


My head was racing 100 miles an hour when I finally came out of the bathroom and walked back; then, it suddenly stopped.


L had her arm around F, and she was playing with her ear. Her skirt was above her knees, and her leg was leaning towards F’s, revealing just the right amount of her panties. She took F’s hair and pushed it back. Her mouth arrived at F’s ear, and started whispering. Her lips rose her ear, and F’s eyes closed. Whatever Lorraine was saying, it was doing the job fine. Lorraine took her tongue out and slowly wandered around her ear. I could feel the hot air myself. The image was a thing of beauty. F shivered as her head leaned backwards, inviting L to her neck. Gently, L’s tongue made the trip and took a detour all around it.


She finally gave. They started kissing smoothly, as F’s hand found its way to L’s leg. I poured myself another scotch, leaned against the wall, and watched those two for a while.


It was going to be a fine evening.


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